About Us – Import Used Engines & Gearboxes

Mr Engine has been well established and have one of the largest names in Import & Used Low Mileage Engines and gearboxes. Through our sourcing and use of contacts oversea’s we find Import & Used engines and gearboxes that can be supplied to any body, any where in South Africa. Mr Engine offers the most competitive prices as well as highest quality products available. With our experience and network of suppliers, Mr Engine may Supply whatever Import & used Low Mileage  engines or gearboxes you are looking for…… in almost no time at all.

Mr Engine generally Import engines from Japan and European countries, as well as our gearboxes and differentials. We are also able to source spare parts for those rarer cars, delivery to you will be prompt, no matter where you are in the country. Within the greater Johannesburg area we offer a speedier delivery time, by arrangement we are able to deliver Import parts to anywhere in South Africa.  We only import, Low Mileage engines available and all our Import Used engines and gearboxes are fully tested at our suppliers processing plant to ensure the highest quality for our customers. 

If you would like to find out more about our Import Engines and gearboxes , please contact us!

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